Expertises & industry domains:


- Environment
- Utilities, Chemical industry, Oil & Gas
- Project management


- International Business Development
- Crisis situations
- Outsourcing of services


Waste management

Concept, design, of waste management solutions, Optimization of existing waste system


Waste minimization, setup or optimize of collection, sorting and regroupment system on factory site. Design of central waste management workshop,

Oil & Gas

Petroleum drilling: zero impact environmental solution; drill-cutting recycling

Services outsourcing & cost optimisation

Definition of optimum perimeter to outsource, bid writing, evalution grids, impact on current organization assessement, support in supplier choice, conception of dashboard to follow-up outsourced activity.

Industrial maintenance optimisation, schedules, IT tools, dashboards...


EHS Audits of waste management system, waste storage regulation conformity check, waste handling recommandation. Subcontracters audit. Tracability system stress test.

Crisis Management

In case of incident, support for the first actions to take, pollution confinement, waste handling rules, elaboration of memorandum to public.


Design of a recycling solution, faisability study, optimization of existing system to enhance recycling ratio, zero landfill plan.

Dashboards and communication

Dashboard design for synthetic view of environmental performance and KPI creation and implementation in the factory. Sustanable development elaboration, Carbon plan elaboration.

Experience & track record

Some projects done:
Context, actions, déployment and results.



Analyze the existing situation, to provide the appropriate answer, without superfluous.


Listening to stakeholders and understanding interactions in order for them to take ownership of the solution.


Transfer know-how, document the solution, train users: immediate usability of the solution implemented.


On-site deployment monitoring and dashboards, quantification of the impact of the action, project management & visibility for the client.


Profile Picture

25 years of experience in business management in China, South Korea, Hungary, Mexico, Great Britain.

Turnaround of entities in financial loss, or in crisis; post-acquisitions,

Expert in environment, utilities, services to the oil and chemical industry, tertiary sectors ( Veolia, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, SARP Industries)

Dual education: Engineer in Physics at INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) Lyon (Fr), and Executive MBA at H.E.C business school (Fr+USA)

Harvard Kennedy School of Governement: Infrastructure in a market economy: Public-Private Partnership