The 3 major challenges among those faced by the territories and industrials...

Complex environmental regulations

Budget constraints

Leverage the impact of decisions made

... our Solutions:

Your environmental strategy

Reduction of the environmental footprint of a plant or territory:
Action on the value chain:
Procurement: greener suppliers/products/reagents,
Production line: reduce fossil fuels, and offset the balance, optimize recycling, etc.

Green Transition

Implementation of management and treatment/recycling of household or industrial waste, extended producer responsibility, eco-organization,

Energy Transition

Substitution of fossil fuels by renewable fuels, P&L comparison of alternatives, support in project management optimization of consumption and sourcing in alternative energies

Environmental Compliance

Audits of the management chain and treatment/recycling of household or industrial waste, extended producer responsibility, eco-organization, effective and efficient solutions, and operational management of polluted sites.

Operational performance

Improvement of operational performance by optimizing Preventive maintenance, making the manufacturing tool more reliable, quality management, implementation and follow-up of SOPs, dashboards and KPIs, etc.

Setting up complex projects

Management of industrial projects and investments in multi-cultural or international contexts, steering cost/quality/deadline.

Some references :

Industrial waste mngt

Study and implementation of integral waste management from a 45-hectare industrial complex.

Faced with the saturation of the region's hazardous waste treatment capacities, and in order to respect the quotas of the local government operation licence
study and implementation of waste management, with in-situ collection and sorting.

Circular economy:

Technical & operational upgrading of a SRF/RDF plant(solid recovered fuel/refuse derived fuel)

Green Energy Transition:

Design, prototype, and construction of a recycling plant to limit the environmental impact of oil refineries and oil drilling.

Context: The Gansu province in northern China contains a lot of oil. The need to increase oil production was blocked by the region's low waste treatment capacity.
Actions: It took too long to set up a factory. So we designed and built a temporary mobile plant (9 containers of 12 feet). which operated pending the construction of the final plant, to provide an interim solution to the client and unblock his situation.

Circular Economy

Transformation of spent and polluted cupric acid waste into a new product: Ultra pure CuO sold in Taiwan to manufacture integrated circuits and in Australia (used in pyrotechnics for Bauxite quarries).

Context: Aging production line, not up to standard, generating significant financial losses.
Actions: Technical and economic diagnosis of the existing unit. Design of the technical upgrading, Management of the rehabilitation project, Operation of the unit until the promised technical and economic performance is achieved.

Waste treatement experience:
  • Hazardous Waste: Operational management of a treatment plant (Bordeaux(Fr) and Hungary)
  • Build & Operation of a clinical waste management plant
  • Physico-chemical treatment plant in Spain
  • General waste: management of sorting / packaging / recycling center / treatment in France and South Korea.

Remediation of industrial wasteland

Context: destruction and relocation of an industrial zone to allow the city to grow.

Technico-economic study, evaluation of possible solutions, their respective costs and performance.
Project ownership: realization of the soil decontamination, HPW cleaning of tanks, deconstruction of warehouses and tanks in compliance with QEHS rules, Handover of the land to the customer after analysis by an independent accredited laboratory.

Healthcare waste

Basic design, construction management, and then operation of a health care waste treatment center for the "mid-West" region of England.

Energy Transition

Technico-economic study of substitution of fossil fuel by RDF (refused derived fuel)

Circular Economy

Study and project ownership of the upgrade an oil sludge processing plant for oil sludge from platforms off-shore. Manufacture of a commercial fuel that complies with regulations.

Project and investment management

Upgrading the gas treatment of all lines of an incineration plant to new regulation standards.

Optimization of plant availability, to ensure the continuity of service to the community.
Parallel construction without stopping the existing activity, connection to the new purification system in 1 week, and deconstruction of the old system during the operation of the new plant.


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Bruno Florit


After several years in France, Europe, South America, Asia, for groups like Veolia, Rhodia, Suez and FCC, I provide independent expertise. in environment, ecological and energy transition to industrials and communities.

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